Full Cream Jersey Milk 2L


100% pure full cream Jersey milk straight from Caldermeade Farm, Victoria.

Our Jersey cows are only fed non-GMO food and mostly eat fresh pasture. Jersey milk has more protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals than standard cow milk. It has a deliciously smooth taste, making it perfect for coffee, baking & cooking.

Why Jersey Milk

A Good Source of Calcium

Jersey Milk from Caldermeade Farm is naturally high in Calcium (46% RDI*, 1050mg/100g).  2 cups a day will provide sufficient calcium for you.

Single Farm, Single Source

Every drop of Caldermeade Farm™milk comes from our own open farm at Caldermeade, Victoria.

Non-GMO, Pasture Fed

Every Jersey Cow at Caldermeade Farm is non-GMO, pasture-fed, providing the top and consistent quality milk with better nutrients and tastes.

So Creamy and Smooth

Jersey is a heritage breed producing milk that has a naturally rich, creamy and balanced flavour.

A Source of Protein

Jersey Milk from Caldermeade Farm is naturally high in protein. Every cup (250ml) of jersey milk provides 7.5g protein (18% RDI).

Storage Tips

Keep refrigerated (0-4º c) and once open consume within 5 days


Full Cream Jersey Milk.

*This product contains homogenised, pasteurised milk. Milk is as nature intended and therefore subject to seasonal variation.

Nutritional Information


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